Saturday, February 27, 2010

House selling fun

My valued colleague Liz suggested I use Gumtree to boost the house sale. One week of free advertising lead to 51 hits. I boosted the profile of the house advert by paying £19.95 for 7 days as a featured advert. this resulted in 93 hits. Encouraged by this, I boosted it for another 7 days by playing another £19.95. 7 days later I had another 39 hits. Decided to leave the Gumtree boosting for a week while a newspaper ad was placed in all the Ayrshire papers (Irvine Herald, Ayrshire Post and Kilmarnock Standard).

No schedules were requested as a result of the ad. On interrogating our estate agent it appears there has been little activity at all. What do estate agents do? Just sit and wait for calls?
Suggested we do an "Open House" weekend of March 13 and 14. Not sure how this will work but who cares? If it works, that'll be great. Watch this space.

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