Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tweet week ending 4th October 2009

This is a list of my tweets this week excluding  direct messages and @replies, to protect the innocent. s
  • Grey sunday morning and a slow start. Had bad dreams about not having the best man speech ready.
  • Run around day. The kilt is hired and shopping and visiting done. Looking for best man speech tips. Trying to ignore the TV & Strictly.
  • Watching a programme about Keith Floyd - what jolly fun!
  • Watched a bit of the Grand Prix. Singapore looks beautiful. On our lottery win holiday list. Off to do some drum practice before the lesson.
  • Drum lesson over and I'm still buzzing. The good news is that Drum Dog is still there! A rescue dog that local council wants removed.
  • RT @TheOnion [audio] Army Of Dead Has No Problem Meeting Recruitment Goal
  • Still using & challenged by the drum practice youtube video by @kindbeats
  • Power washed the back slabs. Man's job. Shaped like a gun with two nozzles! Oh yes! So dark now wife won't be able to see the benefit.
  • Holiday Monday! So far spent trying to get through to the dentist for an appt.
  • Tooth fixed very quickly in stormy saltcoats. Hair cut, now havin lunch in the venice with my newspaper.
  • Busy day, back to work tomorrow. Considering whether to commit to watching FlashForward on 5. Suspect it might be a pile of pants.
  • The creator of family guy is in the cast, so it might be good. Haven't committed to TV series since Twin Peaks. Been disappointed too often.
  • Burst of following real people that people I follow follow. My regular flow of new followers are businesses. Twitter is about real people.
  • local office ... scones etc. you know the drill... a very busy day will ensue. Wonder how full my inbox will be?
  • So busy, so tweetless today. Work, training & wedding speeches. Thinking of asking for congrats wedding tweets to read out. Kind of modern?
  • Gmail SPAM detector is so good I now have only two SPAM messages in my SPAM box. Never been so low.
  • Meetings in Glasgow all day. Got to prepare for our twitter presentation in stockholm next week. Need something novel & interesting.
  • Heading home on the train working on wedding speech, a burger from all bar one still heavy in my stomach. Living on the edge.
  • Version 3.1 of best man speech completed and it is taking shape. I think it is time for some sleep.
  • A mobile day today. Speech revision is required & 'twitter benefits' presentation for sweden next week. Pre-wedding dinner tonight in troon!
  • Can I have a calm and thoughtful working day please? Another very busy day. Pre-wedding dinner tonight in Troon.
  • Hopefully i'll get more stories for my best man speech. No 1 son rated the latest draft as joke lite.
  • Thinking today that i very rarely use windows with multiple windows tiled on one screen which i think was one of the selling points.
  • Wedding speech still in revision. Send a wedding tweet to Allan & Liz and I'll read it out in my speech! I'm not stuck for material BTW.
  • Please tweet wedding congrats to my oldest friend Allan (& wife to be Liz). They're getting married this pm in Troon! (excellent reply from @neilmac)
  • Final call for tweets of wedding congrats to my oldest friend Allan (& wife to be Liz). Getting married this pm in Troon! I'll read em out!
  • Wedding speech went well. Somewhat relieved. Too hot in the kilt gear.
  • @neilmac your message got a big laugh! Many thanks.
  • Up late after the wedding. Stormy day.
  • Off to Kilmarnock soon to take the kilt kit back and transport the newly-weds to the airport. Voice like I smoke 50 a day.
  • Shattered - enjoying the afternoon of Doctor Who on Watch.
  • Just noticed how dalek eye stalks move when they talk. Is this just in case the head lights do not give us a clue?Or are they just agitated?
  • - At the end of the wedding - groom and best man.
  • Morning. Could sleep for a week. Drumming practice has been thin on the ground this week so i'm off to do some.
  • Just looked for and found the tweet link i received in February to a slideshare ppt. I'm glad it was still there.

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