Saturday, March 14, 2009

Red Nose Day tweet assemblage

Happy Red nose day!

Wear something red to work
they said.Casting a
side my lycra jumpsuit,I think a cowboy shirt is in order.With Red buttons.

Had a cold hot dog for lunch. Probably going to pay for it later.
Back tyre almost flat so waiting in a tyre shop to get it checked. Deep joy!

Tyre shop people advice 1. Look at the customer and take an interest.No amount of grubby keyboard clacking compensates.

Tyre shop people advice
2. explain what will happen
Tyre shop people advice 3. If you have idle staff keep them out of view,especially when there are tyres to be repaired.
Tyre shop people advice 4. Do you ever repair tyres? I need a new tyre .

But hark! The widdly woo of an old school modem and i am lost in reverie.

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