Thursday, June 19, 2008

Camping on the menu

The Scottish midge was defeated by only a midge net. Our camping trip in Glencoe at the weekend was to the wonderful Red Squirrel site ( where the attractions are the mountain backdrop and that camp fires are allowed. Choosing to camp under trees (in retrospect possibly a mistake) we sat outside observing the night and wildlife while being eaten by midges.

The citronella candle did not work. I set up a wall of Lavender incense sticks inside the tent awning but that didn’t work either.

We fell back on the Avon Skin So Soft purchased last summer. The midges seemed prepared to dive onto our (very soft) faces and onto any exposed skin regardless!

The campfire we built on the second night was the king of fires and it burned long after we turned in at midnight. The “get smokey” option to sit in the smoke did deter our attackers but then the wind dropped.

The midge net purchased when I was part of a team doing the Caledonian Challenge two years ago came in very handy and was the only truly effective protection.

I am sure that science must be able to offer better remedies and look forward to trying them out next time we head off camping.

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