Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Polish holiday this year was spent in the Kashuby region just 40 minutes from Gdansk.

Along with our Polish friends we rented a house outside the village of Reboszewo and while it was advertised as being big enough to sleep 7, it could comfortably have slept three more people. The cottage was an excellent choice and we would not have found it without our Polish friends the Pieszczynski family, Roman, Amelia and “Olaf the braw”.

And so six adults and a one year old found themselves living in the forest with a view of the lake. The Scottish group found it especially difficult to stay awake; we think it was because of the quality of the air.

The lack of any street lighting (or streets for that matter) meant that on a clear night the sky was bulging with stars. The more we looked, the more we saw.

We mixed chilling out reading books and playing games with visits to Gdansk, Sopot and Koscierzyna and assorted other places. We also met Roman’s mum , dad and aunt, and had a couple of barbeques on the patio.
At night we watched movies on the DVD player after Olaf went to bed. We enjoyed the Polish dubbed Naked Gun series because we remembered all the funny bits from the English versions.

We ate hearty food – all food gifted provided by our Polish friends’ parents. I have never seen such big tomatoes and peppers. I noticed that in every village town or city there are multiple opportunities to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. In Irvine there is one small stall. Their diet is certainly great and we have previously found that “fast food” hasn’t taken hold in Poland. The fruit and vegetable stalls open the possibilities for making movies in Poland featuring car chases and the cliché fruit cart events.

For me it was the most relaxing holiday I can ever remember having. Go to Poland and have a fantastic holiday!

Here are some more photos.

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